Monday, March 13, 2017

Colgate Magical stories - Welcome to MARS

It’s never been a better time to be a space enthusiast, as more and more countries are unveiling space programmes and it seems like a new mission is launched or announced just about every week.
~~By Hamish Johnston

"It’s never been a better time to be a space enthusiast, as more and more countries are unveiling space programs and it seems like a new mission stories are launched, created or announced at BlogAdda just about every now and then by Bloggers and the creative kids.

Finally, the wait to go to MARS is over! Yup you heard me right! Last week, I received 3 Colgate Packs from BlogAdda out of which one had the Space theme. I know my nephew Sanjith, who is keen to become an astronaut, would love this pack. As soon as I received this pack, I went to my Sister home. My nephew was super excited about this particular pack that had Space theme. I stated that I would give him the space themed Colgate pack only when he weaves a superb magical stories out of it. Kids are so creative these days and he came up with this beautiful story in just 5 minutes.

In the next paragraph, my nephew will take you to the #ColgateMagicalStories space station and let you explore the mysterious MARS.

Martian returns from Space and shares his amazing experience with his girlfriend Megan Morse.

Martian: Oh Megan! You should have been there. It was an amazing experience! All MARS enthusiasts had an extra ordinary experience.
Megan Morse: wow. That sounds amazing. What did you do there?
Martian: We explored, explored and explored.
Megan Morse: Tell me more about it! What happened in the Space?
Martian: We were ready to depart at 12:00 AM.  It all started when clock was ticking Tick Tick Tick at 11:59 P.M . 60 seconds for the space ship to launch. I was nervous as well as excited. I buckled my belt and count down started… 60—50—40—30—20—10—9—8—7—6—5—4—3—2—1.
Boom! And I along with my fellow astronauts was in the space! With our captain Spike Spiegel setting up the rules - What to do and what not to while we are in the spaceship.
Megan Morse: Nice. Tell me more.
Martian: Our space scientist Mysterons started with an inspirational speech on the previous Journey inspiring all of the crew members for an amazing journey ahead! He elaborated about the struggle they faced to survive in Mars.

Megan Morse: aha, Inspiring and cool. What next!
Martian: You would love this section Morse!
Megan Morse: is it! Bring it on Boy!
Martian: After the inspirational talk there was an amazing test to test our abilities to speak with Aliens
Megan Morse: Speak with Aliens! What are you talking about?
Martian: Spike Spiegel divided the members into 2 teams and we spoke about Aliens feelings and maternal affection and much more topics assuming we are talking to Aliens. It was amazing.
Megan Morse: wow
Martian: My team spoke well and won the title of "Guardians of the Galaxy!"
Megan Morse: I am thrilled by all this. It took me into the virtual world of MARS.
Martian: Next time you are coming too. I am going to invite you.
Megan Morse: Yeah. Absolutely. I would love too.
Martian: Good, I appreciate your interest.
Megan Morse: Amazing. I am already thinking of landing in MARS, speaking to Aliens and winning the title "Guardians of the Galaxy!"
Martian: Welcome to MARS.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Salem Marathon 2016

The most anticipated Salem Marathon 2016 finally concluded on Feb 19th 2017 after being deferred multiple times. It was initially planned on 13th November 2016 but postponed to 29th Jan 2016 due to delay in getting permission. The rescheduled dates were postponed yet again due to massive state-wide protest over jallikattu. The tentative date provided was Feb 19th 2017.

I was eagerly waiting for this event and this Salem marathon was so special to me because it was happening at my very own hometown ‘Salem’. Since it’s a small town, I was not expecting much crowd and crazy cheering or banners.

Report says more than 3000 people enthusiastically participated in Salem Marathon. It was organized by Rotary Club of Salem Galaxy as a part of the Organ Donation awareness. This is the 5th Edition and I am extremely disappointed for missing the past 4 events.

Not sure whether 3000 people ran, but I am sure around 400 people ran in 10Kms category. The reporting time was 5:00 AM and the 21.5 KMS category was flagged off from the Gandhi Stadium at 5.30 a.m. For 10KMS and 5 KMS it started sharp at 5.45 AM at 6:00 A.M respectively.

Unlike Bangalore Marathons which has the lot of spectators, big sponsors, loud peppy bands and music screaming and cheering, there is no such thing in Salem. But I loved every step of my running, because I was running on my land. Salem marathon is an experience that every runner from Salem must experience and will never forget. 

Another memorable incident to remember in this Salem marathon was a 101-year-old man completed 5KMS. He is an inspiration to all of us. May he live peacefully for another decade.
The Inspiration...

101-year-old man Completed 5 KMS
I love the picture below. The professional photographer was covering this inspirational person and It was my luck to get captured in the frame.

Its my luck to get clicked with this inspirational man :)

Another Inspiration

Buses was not stopped :(
One thing I hated in Salem Marathon was there is no control with the traffic. Even though it was at early hours, buses and dangerous Lorries were running parallel to the runners.  How risky and dangerous it is? I wonder why the organizers have not thought about it. Some routes were inside the residential area and it was nice to see the expression of dogs.

I am sure, again in 2017 Rotary Club of Salem will organize its 6th edition of Salem marathon this year during the month of November and I urge my readers from Salem, Erode and Namakkal to take a day off from your routine and try to participate in this marathon. At least once in your life time run a marathon and it’s worth it.